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Video Tutorial

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★ Version 1.80 Changelog Apr. 2, 2014
Music Player

- Proper shuffling: pressing shuffle will shuffle Now Playing list
- Can re-order and delete Now Playing list songs on the fly

Bug Fixes
- Music player controls placement
- Music player text shadow background not showing properly
- Music player song list cut short on appearance of banner ad
- Music player moving the progress slider sometimes triggered left/right swipe gestures

Minor Updates

- Date playlists are now hidden by default. Option to re-enable is in Settings tab

Bug Fixes
- Various crashes and little bugs
- Control center controls not working

★ Version 1.75 Changelog Sep. 18, 2013

- Official support for iOS 7
- Basic lyrics search in music player
- Fix bugs

★ Version 1.70 Changelog Jun. 10, 2013

- Make multi-select more responsive; can now click on songs while animating
- Remove week playlists
- Synchronize scroll position in music player song list

- Fix random crashes
- Fix crash in importing iPod songs
- Slightly improve startup time