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Oct. 24 Status: The first review of the app update did not pass review because the board believed hidden features to be included (there were not). A cleaned version was sent 7 days ago, and will likely pass this time. We have done all that we can to expedite the process, but we cannot speed up the review wait time (average 11 days). Sorry for the delay and inconvenience, and please do not worry, MusicFree will be back.

iOS 8 and Version 1.90  Oct. 24, 2014

Version 1.8 of MusicFree crashes in iOS 8, and we haven't been able to fix it yet because MP3 downloader apps have been removed from the store.

When we release the new version of MusicFree in one week, you can still have all of your saved songs, playlists and ratings! While you won't be able to download files directly using the app, you can still add files to it through other apps or through your computer.

You can watch this 50-second video to see how to back up MusicFree and how to update to the next version when it comes out.

Though downloading is banned from the store, we here at MusicFree still use the app every day and believe that it is more than a downloading experience.

MusicFree will continue to be the best way to organize and enjoy your music!


Video Tutorial

Click the video, then double-tap to zoom in when it starts.

★ Version 1.80 Changelog Apr. 2, 2014
Music Player

- Proper shuffling: pressing shuffle will shuffle Now Playing list
- Can re-order and delete Now Playing list songs on the fly

Bug Fixes
- Music player controls placement
- Music player text shadow background not showing properly
- Music player song list cut short on appearance of banner ad
- Music player moving the progress slider sometimes triggered left/right swipe gestures

Minor Updates

- Date playlists are now hidden by default. Option to re-enable is in Settings tab

Bug Fixes
- Various crashes and little bugs
- Control center controls not working

★ Version 1.75 Changelog Sep. 18, 2013

- Official support for iOS 7
- Basic lyrics search in music player
- Fix bugs

★ Version 1.70 Changelog Jun. 10, 2013

- Make multi-select more responsive; can now click on songs while animating
- Remove week playlists
- Synchronize scroll position in music player song list

- Fix random crashes
- Fix crash in importing iPod songs
- Slightly improve startup time